What is Version Control?

So a Version Control System is just software that helps you control (or manage) the different versions…of something (typically source code

If you are a developer, you have heard about Git and Github. Let’s dive into the world of Git and Github and get the intuition about them.

Version Control

To understand this just reverse the words, Version Control to Control Version. Understood!

Wait let’s get deeper. So, Version Control is a software that helps you to manage or control the different versions of your software or code.

Version Control Software Info

There are a number of Version Control Systems out there. This alone should prove that version control is incredibly important. Three of the most popular version control systems are:

Two main models of Version Control:

  1. The Centralized Model

All users connect to a central, master repository

2. The Distributed Model

Each user has the entire repository on their computer. Git is using a distributed model on the version control system.


Remember that the main point of the version control system is to help you maintain a detailed history of the project as well as the ability to work on different versions of it. Example: As Tensorflow released TensorFlow 2.0 recently. So, If the new update includes some bugs or issues you can use the Tensorflow 1.9 for your work till the TensorFlow team solves that bugs and issues. So, you can use different versions of the project. Having a detailed history of a project is important because it lets you see the progress of the project over time. If needed, you can also jump back to any point in the project to recover data or files.

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