Hey Developer’s, I’m back with a new topic which is Experiments, Events, Sample Spaces & Points in the series of statistics foundations.

Quick Referesher

Set Cardinality = Number of elements in a set

Set Complement = Set of elements not contained in A (but contained elsewhere)

So, let’s get started …

Experiments and Events

Consider an experiment consisting of a single balanced 6-sided die roll.

The value rolled is a random variable

Simple Event : It cannot be decomposed. Ex: Player Rolled a 6

Complex Event : It can be decomposed into simpler events. Ex: Player rolled a even number can be decomposd into player rolled a 2,4 or 6.

Sample Space

The set of all possible values of a random variable is called the sample space.

The sample space for a die roll is S = {E1,E2,E3,E4,E5,E6}, where En is an event when n is rolled.

Each element of the sample space is a sample point.

Next Post will be on Set Operations on event

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