Hey Developer’s, I’m back with a new topic which is Introduction To Probability and Examples in the series of statistics foundations.

Quick Refresher

If events do not influence one another, they are called independent.

If subsequent events influence one another, they are dependent

So, let’s get started …

Introduction To Probability

Probability : It is how likely an event to occur

Probability of an event is a number that is :

  • A value between 0 and 1 inclusive
  • Value of 0 corresponds to “unlikely” or “almost never”
  • Value of 1 corresponds to “almost” or “surely”

Typically recorded as P(event) = value

Sometimes also expressed as percentage (0% to 100% respectively)

  • There’s 50% chance that -> P = 0.5 = 1/2
  • I am 90% certain that -> P = 0.9 = 9/10

Probability Examples

Consider a coin flip S = {E(H),E(T)}

P(S) = 1 by definition

P(E(H)) = P(E(T)) as both events are equally likely

Solving : P(E(H))+P(E(T)) = 1 , P(E(H))-P(E(T)) = 0 gives us

P(E(H)) = P(E(T)) = 1/2

P(head and tail) = 0, because coin cannot land on both head and tail at the same time

P(head or tail) = P(S) = 1, because coin will definitely land on head or tail.

Next Post will be on Rules Of Probability

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