Author - Shekhar Pandey


High Order functions

A high order function is a function that operates on other functions, either by taking a function as it argument or by returning a function. map(function, iterable) Returns an iterator that applies function to every...


String in Python

Textual data in Python is handled with str objects. Since default handling of Text in Python2 and Python3 is different, it is importantto understand the difference. In Python 2 , by default, ‘str’ object is...


Tuple in Python

Tuple is a data structure in Python which is an immutable , ordered collection of objects. Tuples are faster and consume less memory. Create an empty tuple t = () or t = tuple() Create a tuple with single element t =...


Sets in Python

A Set in Python is a data structure that contains an un-ordered collection of distinct objects. A set in python is similar to sets in mathematics. Use Case : removing duplicates from a sequence, performing mathematical...


Dictionary in Python

A dictionary is an un-ordered data structure, its elements are stored as a key:value pair.Key must be unique and immutableIf key is not unique, last value of key will override previous values # Create an empty...

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