Transfer Learning

Transfer Learning With MobileNetV2

In this notebook we will be learning how to use Transfer Learning to create the powerful convolutional neural network with a very little effort, with the help of MobileNetV2 developed by Google that has been trained on large dataset of images.

Is There a Standard Heuristic for Model Tuning?

Training error should steadily decrease, steeply at first, and should eventually plateau as training converges.If the training has not converged, try running it for longer.

Rules of calculus — Multivariate

In the real world, it is very difficult to explain behavior as a function of only one variable, and economics is no different.

Understanding Underscores in Python

Ever wonder why sometimes attributes, methods in Python start with single underscore, double underscore("dunder"), end with single underscore etc. Single and double underscores have...

High Order functions

A high order function is a function that operates on other functions, either by taking a function as it argument or by returning a function.

Dealing with multiple iterables in Python using zip()

Python’s zip() function creates an iterator that will aggregate elements from two or more iterables. zip() maps the similar index of multiple containers so that they can...